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About the RMYC Fishing Club

The RMYC Fishing club is a club within the Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking. In order to become a member of the Fishing Club it is a requirement that one must have membership of the Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking.

The Fishing Club was formed in 1972 and started out as the RMYC Deep Sea Fishing Club and in 2017 changed its name to RMYC Fishing Club. The Fishing Club has been a major part of the RMYC Port Hacking since being started by those early ‘bottom bashing fishos’.

The RMYC Fishing Club would like to thank and acknowledge our fantastic sponsors for their ongoing support:

Major Sponsors 
East Coast Stockfeeds


Woolooware Golf Club


Apollo Trophies


To become a member of the Fishing Club boat owners must be a full member of the Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking at a cost of $450.00 for the first year and $400.00 each year thereafter or a ‘crew‘ member if not a boat owner at a cost of $150.00 annually.

Annual membership of the Fishing Club is $30.00 for seniors and $10.00 for junior members under 18 years of age with a Family membership fee of $50.

We fish from September to May each year with a break during winter.

Our competition days are held each fortnight commencing Saturday morning 7.00am until weigh-in on Sunday at 3.00pm with only 1 days fish to be weighed.

Our weigh-in is conducted at the flagstaff in the outdoor garden area follow by a fantastic BBQ.

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Life Members

Basil Cronk (dec’d) – John Anderson (dec’d) – George Payne (dec’d) – Mick Pardoe – Don Saunders – Les Nebauer – Marcus Stalker – Stephen Lalor – Ian Fraser

RMYC Port Hacking FISHING CLUB (RMYCPH FC) By-Laws Rev 6

The RMYCPH FC is a sub-club of the Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking (RMYC) and is subject to its constitution and by-laws.

The object of the RMYCPH FC is Encourage, Promote and Foster the sport of fishing.

  1. Members must belong to the R.M.Y.C. or be a spouse or child (under 18) of a member.
  2. All Members must be financial before fishing and hold current fishing licences as applicable.
  3. Boats used must be owned by R.M.Y.C. Members (Boat Owner, General Member, Associate Member or Crew Member)
  4. Fishing must not commence before sunrise Saturday and end prior to 3.00p.m. Sunday. Members can fish either Saturday or Sunday and only one day’s catch can be weighed in. Weigh in is at 3.00p.m. Sunday near the RMYC flagstaff. All fish must be gilled and gutted prior to weigh in
  5. Fish caught on the troll or from fish traps are not eligible.  Fish can be caught in Port Hacking, Botany Bay and Blue Water. Soft plastics/lures may be used instead of bait and fishing at FADs, whether they be floating or submerged, with soft plastics, lures or bait will be permitted
  6. Points will be allocated at 2 POINTS PER FISH (double for targeted species) 10 POINTS PER KILOGRAM. 10 POINTS START PER FISHERPERSON.
  7. Prizes will be presented as follows,

Up to 5 Fisho’s – 1 Prize for the largest target species if caught, none otherwise

6 to 9 Fisho’s – 3 Prizes   1 x highest point score

1 x largest target species

1 x spin the board and a second spin if no target species is caught

10 plus fisho’s – 4 Prizes, as last with additional spin the board

Junior fisherperson award: Each junior who catches a weighable fish will be awarded a prize.

No Member can receive more than 1 prize per comp day.

  1. Any Member attempting to weigh in under size fish will forfeit all of their points for that competition day.
  1. Weighable fish, legal lengths and bag limits are as follows or as amended by the respective Governing body, whichever is the lesser:
  • Bream – 28cm – 10
  • Flathead – 36cm – 10
  • Dusky Flathead – 36cm – 10 (1 only over 70cm)
  • Jewfish – 70cm – 2
  • Morwong – 30cm – 10
  • Snapper – 30cm – 10
  • Teraglin – 38cm – 5
  • Flounder – 27cm – 10
  • John Dory – 27cm – 10
  • Kingfish – 65cm – 5
  • Leather Jacket – 25cm – 20
  • Tailor – 30cm – 10
  • Trevally – 32cm – 10

These fish are the only fish which points will be awarded for except on Fishing days as nominated as Special Species days.

  1. Catch and Release- We have introduced the concept of catch and release to help to reduce the impact on fish numbers and in particular the larger breading females. Fish are to be measured from Nose to Fork length. Each boat is to carry a “Brag Mat” (or similar) and take a photograph of the fish to be released to enable a weight to be allocated based upon the NSW Department of Primary Industries tables. Photos must be shown to the weighmaster at the weigh in for that competition weekend. Weights will be adjusted down by 10% to allow for gills and gutting. Points allocated for Catch and Release fish will be double those for a captured fish as per point 7, points will also be limited and subject to size and bag limits as per Fisheries rules and regulations.
  2. The Most Species caught Trophy is limited to the following species: Snapper, Flathead, Dusky Flathead, Morwong, Tailor, Leather Jacket, Teraglin, Bream, Trevally, Kingfish, Flounder, John Dory, Jewfish,  Pigfish, Australian Salmon, Ling, Groper, Red Mowong, Whiting, Samson Fish, Dolphin Fish,   Drummer, Luderick, Garfish, & Pearl Perch.
  3. All boat owners must complete an Annual Safety Self Checklist form on their boat to confirm that their boat meets the Safety Standards of the NSW Maritime Authority, if this is not done then the boat-owner and crew will not be eligible to weigh in their fish nor will they be covered under the Masterman’s Insurance Policy of the mother club being RMYC Port Hacking on our designated fishing days. All boat owners must provide a photocopy of their current boat insurance policy including public liability insurance, a photo of their  boat (some of these we have from previous years) and show current boat and fishing licenses.

Approved 15th August 2017


Club Record Catches































Competition Days

The RMYC Fishing Club holds its Annual Competition between August and July each year.

Competition days are usually every second weekend and commence at sunrise Saturday ending Sunday prior to our weigh-in at 3.00p.m. at Flagstaff on the grassed area on the marina side of the Clubhouse. Only 1 days fish per person are allowed to be weighed in. We do not fish during school holidays or public holidays.

We have a great BBQ each fishing weekend after our weigh-in and prizes are awarded each fishing day for the largest fish of a designated species for that weekend, 2 spin the board species, the heaviest catch and Juniors each receive an award for a weighable fish.  The presentations and BBQ are funded by the Deep Sea Fishing Club.

Our Annual Presentation Night is held in July with Trophies given for Club Champion (most points awarded during the year) Runner-up to Club Champion and Champion Boat (again most points awarded to the crew of the boat during the year). There are trophies for each species of fish which are presented to the person who catches the largest fish of that species. We also have 2 prestigious Memorial Trophies, the George Payne Memorial Trophy is for the largest fish caught during the year and the other is the President’s Award – the John Durkin Memorial Trophy which is awarded to a member of the club at the President’s discretion for work within the club throughout the fishing season.

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Results 2017

2017 Club  Champion

Runner Up
Third Place
Champion Boat

Runner up boat

Third place boat
Junior Champion
Junior Runner-Up
Ladies Champion

Steve Lalor 962 pts.

Eddie Savona 844 pts
Glenn Fitzpatrick 420 pts
“Taitors”’  Steve Lalor, Glenn Fitzpatrick, Steve  Lowe  844pts

E Jay 722 pts

The Riddler 345 pts
Mitchell Dibben 241 pts
Lachlan Swatosch 143 pts
Tracey Davison  22ts


Board Fish

Snapper    – Stephen Lalor         2.13kg

Flathead-John Tripodi               1.02kg

Dusky Flathead-Tony Straty      .86kg

Morwong  – Mark Osborn            .88kg

Tailor –  Steve Williams                  .45kg

Leatherjacket – Glenn Fitzpatrick  .60kg

Teraglin  – Steve Williams             .45kg

Bream  – Marcus Straty                      .8kg

Trevally – Connor Dibben             .82kg

Flounder  – Connor Dibben            .60kg

Most species caught -Eddie Savona    6

Special Species –

George Payne Trophy – Stephen Lalor  2.13kg snapper

John Durkin Memorial-Presidents Award  – Eddie Savona

Most Improved Senior – Jonathon Towe

Most Improved Junior – Lachlan Swatosch

Helmet Award – Jonathon Towe

Dummy Spit Award –

Paddle Award –



Running results 2017/2018

Dates                                                                        Winner
Aug 26/27  7 fishoes total 40 fish @ 18.30kgs         120 pts                        Stephen Lalor
Sep 9/10 2 fishoes total  4 fish  @1.1kgs                     20 pts                       Lachlan Swatosch
Sep 23/24 2fishoes total 17 fish @ 6.93kg                 71  pts                         Jonathan Towe

Oct 7/8   9 fishoes total 15 fish@5.61kg                     57  pts                          Eddie Savona
Oct 21/22  4 fishoes total 33 fish  @ 12.8 kg              79  pts              Mark Osborn/ Eddie Savona
Nov 4/5    3 fishoes total 1 fish @ .66kgs                    19  pts                           Jonathan Towe
Nov 18/19 4 fishoes total 13 fish@ 4.84kg                 51  pts                          Jonathan Towe
Dec 2/3     1 fishoes total 10 fish @ 4.6kg                   76  pts                          John Tripodi

Dec 16/17   fishoes total fish @ kgs                                   pts
Jan 20/21 9 fishoes total 61fish @21.9kgs                 96 pts                          Stephen Lalor
Feb 3/4  fishoes total  fish @kgs                            pts
Feb 17/18 fishoes total fish @kgs                          pts
Mar 3/4  fishoes total fish @kgs                            pts
Mar 17/18  fishoes total  fish@kgs                        pts
April 7/8  fishoes total  fish @kgs                        pts
April 21/22  fishoes total fish @kgs                    pts

May 5/6 fishoes total fish @ kgs                         pts

May 19/20  fishoes total fish @kgs                    pts

Target Species          Raffle
snapper                       Thominator
flathead                       Special K
morwong                     E-Jay
bream                          Day by Day
flounder                      Rebel
kingfish                       Taitors
leatherjacket               Final Fantasy
dusky                           The Riddler
trevally                        Its About Me
snapper                       After Hours
flathead                       Thominator
morwong                     Special K
tailor                            E-Jay
s’species                      Day by Day
jewfish                        Rebel
snapper                       Final Fantasy
flathead                      Taitors
bream                         The Riddler


Running results 2017/18

Current champions

Senior-Stephen Lalor

Junior-Lachlan Swatosch


Boat -Taitors
Current runners up

Senior -Glenn Fitzpatrick/Steve Lowe

Junior –


2017/18 Points Ladder

Stephen Lalor      226

Eddie Savona       212

Steve Lowe            178

John Tripodi         172

Mark Osborn        164

Jonathan Towe     161

Glenn Fitzpatrick 105

Steve Williams     104

Peter Swatosch      54

Brooke Dibben      53

Tony Straty            28

Paul Thomas          15

Peter Fields
Malcolm Chung
Nick Matthews
Tony Smith

John May
Peter James
Marcus Stalker
Rob Williams

Chris Lalor
David Moon
Mick Brannock
Joel Williams
Steve McClohry
Ian Hillman
Benjamin Gygi
Will Gygi
Hayden Fretton
Harry Fretton
Lee Fretton

Lady Members
Tracy Daivison     28
Carol Moon
Michelle Lalor
Judy Tripodi
Matilda Matthews
Debbie Henderson


Lachlan Swatosch   48

Mitchell Dibben      40

Connor Dibben       20

William Thomas     15

Marcus Straty         10

Nathan Straty

Jessica Swatosch

Trent James

Kye Mathews

Matilda Mathews
Nick Straty

Bailey Cooper

Board Fish

Snapper    –    Brooke Dibben  1.12kg

Flathead-        Steve Lowe  .91kg

Dusky Flathead-  Mitch Dibben   .38 kg

Morwong  –        Glenn Fitzpatrick 1.45kg

Tailor –                   kg

Leatherjacket – kg

John Dory     Lachlan Swatosch  .58kg

Teraglin  –      Brooke Dibben       .53kg

Bream  –           Jonathan Towe     .66 kg

Trevally –      kg

Flounder  –    Mark Osborn            .30 kg

Most species caught – Glenn Fitzpatrick    4

Special Species – kg


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We welcome new members, should you have any inquiries please contact one of the following people on the Committee:

Committee 2017-2018

President Stephen Lalor  0408028200
Vice President John Tripodi 0425245710
Secretary Paul Thomas 0418257303
Treasurer Tony Smith 0408405674

Social Committee
Mark Osborn -Secretary  0418245864
Mick Brannock 0407249052
David Moon 0417706705
Eddie Savona 0417525100

Boat Safety Officer
Glenn Fitzpatrick  0418264073

Gear Steward
Tony Smith 0408405674

Weigh Masters
Brook Dibben 0414320193
Peter Swatosch

Point Score Keeper
John Tripodi 0425245710
Steven Lalor 0408028200

Website Administrator
Glenn Fitzpatrick 0418264073


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Upcoming Events

Presentation Night – July
AGM -July
Social Golf Day
Ladies Day
Christmas Party


Presidents Monthly Reports

RMYC PH Fishing Club News


November- December Reports

Nov 5th – 6th  Fish Target species for the weekend Kingfish. Unfortunately only five fished, and Flathead was the popular fish, with John Tripodi  having the best bag.

Nov 19th– 20th Now with fine weather and ten fisho’s some nice fish were weighed in and Ossie won the day. With Snapper ,Flounder and Flathead.

In between comp days Ron Meyers with Tony Smith, John Picko and John May went up to SWR for a week.There were a few small Reds and Pearlies, however the three Jewfish in the 15 to 20 kg range were the highlights of the trip.

Dec 3rd – 4th We could not fish the Saturday with the Southerly, so Sunday thirteen of us went out in perfect conditions no wind and slight seas. The Juniors with Mitchell Dibben best bag, Marcus Straty best Bream at 0.88kg and Conner Dibben with a cracker of a Flounder at 0.60kg cleaned  were all board fish. Go the Juniors.

Our last fishing weekend and BBQ is planned for the 17th – 18th of December, so please all have a Safe and Merry Christmas, and we hope to see you all down and around the club enjoying the facilities.Tight Lines Stephen Lalor-President


Report August-October

With our new season commencing in late August I can report on the following conditions and results;

With each fishing weekend we nominate a target species of fish that results in double points if you are successful. Snapper was the first target species and with eleven fisho’s out, 65  fish were weighed in on the Sunday. Team ‘’Taitors’’ with Steve & Fitzy were the only fisho’s bringing back the Reds with the best going 1.8 kgs to Steve. Fishing on ‘’It’s About Me’’ junior, Lachlan weighed in a Flounder at 0.48 kg, and this fish will be hard to beat.

Now early September was our next fishing weekend, and Flathead the fish to chase. Fourteen fearless fisho’s and 63 fish were weighed in with Steve having a largest flat going 0.90 kg and Eddy taking out the best bag weight and with the bag limit now at ten fish per angler, five anglers had their limit.

Our next target fish was the Morwong. Now there is one specialist Mowie angler – Eddy, and sure enough Edd had the only Mowie’s. With each fishing weigh-in we have three spin the boards.

This gives all anglers a chance to win a gift voucher for the best fish species that is spun up.

We also have gift voucher for every Junior Angler that weighs in a nominated board fish.

Now, Fitzy not only won with the heaviest bag weight, he also won all three spin the boards.

Just as well we only issue one voucher per angler.

Into October and Bream was the target species. The weather conditions were very poor and only four hardly fisho’s put a line in and all four chased a feed of flathead, and were rewarded for their efforts with there bag limits.

If you would like any further information on the DSFC please contact Stephen Lalor on  0408 028 200 as we would like to welcome any new members. Tight Lines – Spud.

Season 2015/2016

We now have enjoyed eight fishing weekends that commenced in late August. Snapper was the first target species and only nine fisho’s started the season with Team Taitors the winners.

Round two and Flathead was the fish of the day and they didn’t disappoint with seventeen fisho’s this was more like it, and again Taitors weighed in Flats and Reds. However not far behind with their bag limits Kay Dibbo and Mal  had some quality Flats, Great to see Kay back again fishing.

Round three and only three fisho’s fished with poor results.

Into October and Bream was the fish to target. Day By Day with Nathan and Tony cleaning up on the Bream and a few Trevally, with 15 fisho’s everybody had a nice feed to take home.

The next round species was Flounder and quite a few were weighed in. Steve Lowe won the day and there were 19 fisho’s

November 7th/8th was a blow out with no fish to weigh in.

The next fishing weekend wasn’t much better with the Paul and Tracy aboard the Thommintor bagging a nice feed of Flats. Apparently Tracy supplied the berley and did a great job. Only the three fished!!

Now into December with the Dusky the target species. Eddy tried to win the day with a pretty good spray job on a Blue spot, but this wasn’t enough the fool the weigh master.

This was our last fishing day for 2015 and The Riddler with J.T and Jonathon taking out the honours, or should I say Jonathon won the day with JT just mentoring Jonathon on how to catch em.

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