Boat Ramp

Marina Forecourt Restrictions 

Boats can only be launched or retrieved after 7am and before 10pm – 7 days per week. Boat ramp use outside of these hours is not permitted.

Marina forecourt parking is restricted to 30 minutes only (Mon-Sun) before 7pm.

The RMYC launching ramp facilities are for the exclusive use of RMYC members only.

The Club’s tender service is for the use of Club members who have purchased a tender pass only and their accompanied crew. It is accessed at the centre of the marina.

Please be mindful of boats, people and other members when using the Club’s facilities and do so in a safe manner.

Members are reminded that their guests and children are to remain in their immediate care at all times. The marina and its forecourt can be a very busy and dangerous place.

Slipway and Servicing Information

The RMYC has partnership with Southside Shipwright Services for the slipping of members’ power and keel boats. Work bays are also available upon booking. Booking information and details are available from the Club’s office or by contacting:

Andrew at Southside Shipwright Services
9540 3287 / 0416 214 399

Please note the following restrictions that apply:

Maintenance activities upon all boats (both slipped and on the marina) is restricted to between the hours of 8am and 6pm. No work is to commence, including the use of a gernie or power tools, prior to 8am or to extend after 6pm.

All Contractors are to report to the office and register before commencing work upon the marina or slipway. If the office is unattended, please enquire with slipway staff.

All Marine Contractors are to show their BIA Blue Card and insurance credentials prior to commencing any work upon the Club’s marina or its marine facilities.

Contractors vehicles are to unload at the forecourt and returned to the car park above the marina forecourt entry gates.

When visiting the RMYC Port Hacking please be aware of our entry conditions.